About Us

I am Mel and I am the owner of MAZ Kreations. MAZ stands for my three beautiful children Maddi, Anni & Zac. I live with my husband and our children on the sunny Central Coast, NSW.
MAZ Kreations was started as a little hobby when I was first on maternity leave around 5 years ago. I first started sewing baby items such as bibs, nappy clutches, dummy clips. I made items for friends and then started selling a few items here and there.
The digital side of the business all started after I made a Birthday poster for my Dad for his 60th birthday and everyone loved it so much and I loved designing it that I saw an opportunity to really take MAZ in a different direction and offer something that I know people will love and that I know I can put my whole heart in to.
All my designs are custom made and no two designs are the same so you can be rest assured that your design from MAZ Kreations will be one of a kind and no one will have one the same.
I am always designing and thinking about the next designs I want to add to my collection and always doing my research on what the market needs. 
If I don't have a design you like, I will create a perfect design for you or for that special someone in your life.